Yeronga Park States 2019

Team Culture – Set for Success at State Champs

Yeronga Park States 2019

Yeronga Park State Team 2019

It’s that time of the year where many of our swimming clubs around Australia are making an effort to acknowledge the achievements of their State Team qualifiers…. and rightfully so!

Qualifying for a State Swimming Championships requires hard work, commitment and a dedication that many (non-swimmers) do not understand. States is a time when a team comes together to cheer for one another, celebrate each others successes and support each other if things don’t go to plan. Coaches are busy with their programs and highlighters, parents are busy preparing food and schedules, siblings are preparing to cheer on in the stands and the swimmers are excited to be on taper!

But… let’s not forget the volunteers in our clubs, who have already spent countless hours behind the scenes making it all come together. Committee members started their prep weeks (if not months) ago. They have been busily organising representative shirts, towels, caps and presentations, all with the swimmer’s in mind. Traditions like ‘Cap Presentations’, ‘State Team dinners’, ‘Shirt Presentations’, ‘Team Breakfast’, ‘Representative Towel Presentations’, the lists goes on…. are a fundamental part of a club and make memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s the first, last or anywhere in between, the athletes treasure these moments.

All of these positive elements add to a team’s culture and spirit.

Yeronga Park SC recently handed out their State Team shirts at a special pancake breakfast by the pool . How does you club celebrate their team success?


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