Australian National Swimming Championships 2017

Is it too Early to Talk About Nationals?

The short answer is NO! As the new year begins, age group swim coaches around the country are preparing for the final block of training for their most elite athletes. Athletes, who have no doubt had to consider their nutrition, fitness, health and training over the Christmas period and make sacrifices that many of us take for granted. Some, who are still striving to meet the qualifying times Team Elite Custom Sublimated Polo - Yeronga Park Swim Club National Team Polo 2020for Age Nationals Swimming, will be preparing to go above and beyond to reach their goal in the coming weeks. Those who have already qualified, will be working toward bettering their results, times and rankings by the time the competition arrives.
“There’s no disputing that the athletes deserve recognition. They deserve to feel proud. They deserve to feel a sense of achievement. We want to help provide ways for this to happen for all of our clubs but time is critical,” says Simone (Team Elite Swimming REP for QLD).
Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Nationals followed by Open Nationals marks the pinnacle of age group and transition swimming, respectively, and is to be held in Perth early April 2020….less than 13 weeks away! While that might sound like an eternity, trust us…it will be on top of us before you know it! While many of our clubs do not have their team finalised yet, there is no reason the design and approval stage can’t be finalised ASAP.
April (Team Elite Swimming REP for VIC) sums it up perfectly. “With so many volunteer Committee Members, who also have full-time jobs, it is often a tricky, time consuming process to get design approvals passed and sizes determined. Our advice is to get started now, once the team is finalised or the deadline arrives, it will be easy to place your order!”
So whether you are after custom National Team uniforms, representative team caps, representative team towels, club deck parkas, team hoodies or anything else you can imagine, start now and be ready for the Age Nationals Swimming.
“Volunteers are the cornerstone of every club, we want to make their job easier. The sooner we get artwork finalised and orders booked in, the smoother the delivery process. Starting early makes for a stress free process.” ~ Simone
Get in touch to find out all of the options available to recognise your elite athletes! Make sure you follow our Facebook Page keep up to date with order deadlines!



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