Important announcement regarding COVID-19 and QSS Swimming Championship Merchandise

Important announcement regarding COVID-19 and Queensland School Sports Swimming Championship Merchandise.

Team Elite are saddened to hear that this event has been cancelled and while the steps taken are necessary for the health and safety for our community, we completely empathise with the inevitable disappointment that the athletes must be feeling at not being able to compete. With that in mind, please be assured that we will still be supplying the merchandise so that the athletes are able to earmark their achievement. We feel that the kids have worked tirelessly to earn their spot at the Championships and that accolade should be recognised despite the Championships needing to be cancelled.

“The achievement of being selected and earning a place at the Championships should still be acknowledged. There’s no need to further disappoint the kids by taking away their merchandise, so we will be posting the online orders and absorbing that cost.” ~ Gareth Sykes

Obviously we won’t have a stand to collect from, so we will be posting the garments from week starting 30 March.

Finally, we need your help! As suppliers, we are not provided with a list of competitors, so getting the word out about merchandise can be tricky. Many swimmers (especially first timers) do not know about the merchandise until they arrive and see the stand. Please, please, please, pass this link to online orders around ASAP so that everyone who is entitled to has the chance to order their merch!!! We have extended the online store closing date, it is now open until 22 March 2020 – but hurry as stock is limited and we expect the gear to sell out soon!

** Team Elite customers, who have already placed an online order with us, have been sent an email with reassurance that their merchandise will be delivered at no extra charge. We will be absorbing the cost of postage. FREE POSTAGE 🙂 **




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