Back to School Swimming Begins!

School Swim Caps are probably not high on the “back to school” list of priorities, but the reality is school swimming is about to kick off!! Are you ready?

“We have many teachers who ask for bright coloured latex caps for their kids, so when moving from the classroom to the pool (sometimes by bus), they can easily identify their students. They can easily see the stragglers!”

Latex Caps – Swim Lessons

Bright, latex caps are a low cost option that provides an easy way for the teachers to keep a quick, visual check on all of their students. Particularly useful for Prep and Year 1 teachers who have a number of children navigating their way through the first weeks of the school routine.

“Right now, our high school HPE Departments are in the midst of co-ordinating timetables for their Inter-school/District/Regional Championships. With that, obviously comes the need for the team swim caps.”

Most of our secondary school customers need something that can help the crowd easily identify an athlete as being from their school….from all the way up in the stand. More often than not, colour and logo is enough to make that happen. A professional looking team at Inter-school Championships is vital for a school’s reputation!

Inter-house Carnivals are one of the highlights of any schools calendar year. Team vs team, friendly banter, team spirit, team chants, team cheers and of course team COLOUR! We can supply caps to suit your various teams so the crowd know who to cheer on!

Whether it’s an Inter-house Swimming Carnival, an Inter-school Championship or simply swimming lessons, your school is going to need caps! Get in touch now to find out more.

Photo Credit: Brisbane Grammar School – GPS Championships 2017


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